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Terrorism expands from Sinai to Cairo

Armed extremist groups in Egypt have spread their operations from the remote areas of the Sinai Peninsula to the densely populated metropolises of Cairo and the Delta.

American Christians join Israel's fight against poverty

In an interview with Al-Monitor, Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, head of Israel’s largest philanthropic organization, explains how it donates millions of shekels to welfare projects, effectively making up for the government’s failure in…

Lebanon banks affected by wage hike

The proposed solutions to the wage hike debate in Lebanon included raising the interest rates on bank deposits, which will prevent the banking sector from playing its role as a catalyst for…

Netanyahu caught between Obama and Bennett

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu faces a tough choice between US President Barack Obama and negotiations with the Palestinians on one hand and the integrity of his coalition and the threat of elections…

US shows increasing support to Tunisia PM

Tunisian Prime Minister Mehdi Jomaa has been warmly received in a visit to the United States, with signs indicating that Washington is fully in support of him maintaining this office.

Ennahda trying to hide internal rifts

Following Hamadi Jebali’s recent resignation as secretary-general of the Ennahda movement, there are signs that divisions are growing within this Tunisian Islamist party.

Who betrayed Egypt’s revolution?

Egyptians activists struggle to determine who is to blame for Egypt’s predicament, and how to set the revolution, and the country, back on track.

Turkish schools abroad victims of AKP-Gulen conflict

The struggle between the AKP and the Gulen movement threatens more than 2,000 Turkish schools abroad, which have been seen as the country’s most “valuable export commodity” and a “source of prestige.”

Iraqi secularists under attack ahead of elections

A religious leader with ties to the Islamic Dawa Party has issued a fatwa banning citizens from voting for secular candidates, as religious currents increasingly claim secular movements are tainted by links…