Turkish state fund seizes assets of CHP Istanbul candidate Mustafa Sarıgül

This article was taken over from Hürriyet Daily News to bring it into attention of Informed Comment community for discussion.

The decision was taken after the current mayor of Istanbul’s Şişli district failed to repay loans worth $3.5 mln taken out in 1998, daily Hürriyet reports

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2 Responses

  1. But of course this isn’t a coup of any sort because he’s CHP so he must be a bad guy, right? It’s OK if you’re a “black Turk,” or some rubbish like that seems to be teh prevailing logic among the “anticolonialist left.”

  2. This was a very strategic assault. With the current AKP mayor discredited over the deals that led to Gezi Park, the popular Sarigul had/has a very good chance of taking the Istanbul slot, once held by Erdogan, from the AKP. A loss of the key local position to CHP would be a warning about possible national level defeats.

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