16 ambulances damaged in Edhi Centre fire

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KARACHI: A fire broke out in the Edhi Centre near the old Subzimandi on University Road which damaged over a dozen ambulances, according to Edhi Foundation and Fire Brigade officials.

They said the fire erupted at around 12.30pm, which carried by strong winds soon engulfed several ambulances parked there before three fire tenders could bring it under control in two hours.

According to a spokesman for the Edhi Foundation, Anwar Kazmi, around 16 vehicles were damaged. The fire spread rapidly but the fire tenders reached late, he said, adding they had requested the fire chief to closely inspect the area to find out exact cause behind the blaze, he said.

He said the Edhi Centre at the old Subzimandi mostly provided ambulances for upcountry emergencies.

Fire Brigade chief Ihtishamuddin admitted that it took the fire tenders some time to reach there since the area’s fire tenders were busy in putting out another fire.

So other fire brigades had to be called out from Nazimabad and other localities.

He said the fire had broken out in a workshop at the Edhi Centre where ambulances were being repaired. Four to five ambulances had been completely damaged while an equal number had been partially burned, he said.

About a possible cause of the fire, Ihtishamuddin saw human error behind the fire which once ignited was carried on by strong winds to engulf a large number of vehicles.

He said that they were receiving around 25-30 calls about fire emergencies almost on a daily basis since the weather had turned dry.

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