Court hearing Musharraf treason case takes recess

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ISLAMABAD: The special court formed to try Gen (retd) Pervez Musharraf on Jan 2 took a recess, shortly after the hearing began, following a walk-out staged by the counsel for the former president, DawnNews reported.

Earlier the treason hearing against Musharraf resumed amid strict security arrangements from his farmhouse to the court premises and around it.

The arrival counsels for the former president was followed by the arrival of judges hearing the case under Article 6 of the constitution.

The court on Jan 1, had ordered for Musharraf to appear before the bench today and also warned of issuing a ruling, in case the former president did not appear. Moreover, the legal team of the former military strongman had also filed a plea in the special court to exempt him from appearing before it on account of threats to his security.

The security arrangements included mobile phone jammers, at least 1,000 police personnel, deployment of containers to cordon off traffic and bomb scanners.

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