NASA: Portrait of a Polluted Atmosphere

From NASA: portrait of global aerosols (particulate matter in the atmosphere, including pollution):


Note that the image is a simulation created with high-powered software to make the aerosols we (and sometimes nature) put into the atmosphere clear.

hat tip Extreme Tech

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  1. We’re going to be hearing a lot more about aerosols because they can counter the carbon dioxide heat trapping effect by shielding the earth from solar radiation and serving as condensation sites for reflective cloud formation. We will see studies from Exxon, American Enterprise Institute, et. al. advocating seeding atmosphere with aerosols so we can go on burning fossil fuels. Dangerous ideas.

  2. Impressive imagery, but it is not an ‘enhanced’ composite photograph, it was created through the use of simulation software as is clearly stated on the NASA website itself: “This portrait of global aerosols was produced by a GEOS-5 simulation at a 10-kilometer resolution.”

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