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Informed Comment is happy to entertain article submissions and commentary. It is a good site at which to have one’s work seen and distributed. The website ranks highly for world affairs, politics, US politics and green energy. Readership is hard to estimate because email forwarding and mirroring cannot easily be measured, but site traffic is over 5 million page views a year. The format allows postings to be seen for several days. The site is well read in policy circles and among foreign policy and area studies thinkers. We pay a flat fee only by Paypal of $100 for original and timely submissions. Since many academics write for the exposure alone and often decline it, the fee has to be asked for by the author.

We are especially interested in reporters or academics based in the Middle East and South Asia, in reporters based in Washington D.C. with original information or interviews on US foreign policy, and in reporters or academics writing about religion, human rights and religious discrimination, and energy and climate change– with expertise in those subjects. Articles should be original if reportage and have original ideas if commentary. Commentary should treat a burning issue of that day, make a single point, and be 800-1000 words. Submitters should provide a short resume indicating previous publications and qualifications.

Suggestions for writers of opinion columns are here ; see also here and here at . Academics will find the requirement that you are only allowed to make one central point the most onerous; no lists of three please.

Bloggers who would like to have a blog entry mirrored at Informed Comment are welcome to inquire, and would receive a link back and credit.

Please use the Contact Form for submissions.

Submissions should generally follow the Ethics Guide of the Center for Investigative Reporting .

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  1. I wish to thank you for your steady and significant analytic contributions to Iranian affairs and U. S. policy in the Middle East. My students often refer to your website as a reliable and revealing source of information and commentary.

  2. I liked your article ‘Netanyahu Imported by GOP to ensure Iran War’..I really liked it. The war with Iran is something that interests me a lot, and concerns me too. I have a blog where I wrote an artcle about Iran vs the military industrial complex. It would be nice to get feedback from you. Regards Chris

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