Palestinian Children Arrested by Israeli Troops Face Abusive Violence

Palestinian Children in Israeli Military Custody Face Physical Violence (via

By: Defense for Children International Palestine RAMALLAH, January 30, 2014 – Three in four Palestinian children detained by the Israeli military in the occupied West Bank last year endured physical violence during arrest and interrogation, according…


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  1. All you have to do is flip this situation around, and imagine Israeli children being dragged away to prison in the middle of the night, abused, and having no access to lawyers or parents, and you don’t have to guess how the occupiers would have reacted…you would hear the howls of anti semitism and victimization from the moon. The US congress are the enablers to this inhumane and abusive treatment of children. They know what goes on there, and the vicious treatment of children, but they keep sending the love and aid. Disgusting.

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