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  • Netanyahu rejected offer by Kerry & Arab Leaders of Comprehensive Peace Talks (11)
    • YEAH, and now you have Jared Kushner wanting an 'outside' peace deal that may 'look like' the arab plan but is centered on building a coalition of Arab states against Iran. He is willfully ignorant of ME politics. The 'best' he can do is waste more time in false peace initiatives while Israel swallows up more Palestinian land.

  • Top 8 Signs someone is a White Terrorist, e.g. plotting to Blow up Mosque (15)
    • If you think all Trump supporters are drooling racists, etc., you are what the Social Democrats in Russia used to call 'infintile leftists.'

  • Trump invents Sweden Terror Attack, Lies about Immigrant Crime (39)
  • Trump's Russia scandals could be about to get much, much worse (3)
  • Trump invents Sweden Terror Attack, Lies about Immigrant Crime (39)
    • The Bolsheviks invented agit/prop. Trump's a master of it. Agit/prop uses symbols, slogans, pictures and other short communication means to reach people. The most effective example was the Bolshevik slogan "Bread. Land. Peace" which helped mobilize the massive outpourings during the October Revolution. Trump's is not so elegant: "Lock her up" "Build the Wall" etc. Twitter is agit/prop DEFINED.

  • Garden Party, 1640: Iranian Lady entertains European Gentleman (6)
  • Netanyahu rejected offer by Kerry & Arab Leaders of Comprehensive Peace Talks (11)
    • How delusional could Kerry have been if he believed Netanyahu and his cohort of right-wing racists would accept a peace plan that would preclude Israel from completing the Zionist plan of transferring all Palestinians out of their territory?

  • Top 8 Signs someone is a White Terrorist, e.g. plotting to Blow up Mosque (15)
    • Any overly devout person, drooling racist or privileged xenophobe who can be motivated into acts of violence and destruction is a potential “terrorist” irrespective of skin shade.

      Your basic armed-to-the-teeth Trump supporter.

  • Trump invents Sweden Terror Attack, Lies about Immigrant Crime (39)
    • " Trump made up another alleged terrorist attack at his rally on Saturday, this one about a figment of his imagination that did not actually take place in Sweden on Friday night "


    • Here is a great bumper-sticker based on your satire.

      Sweden + Blowing Green = Never Forget

      It would sell like crazy at WAL•MART and in wide-screen church parking lots.

    • Despite statements by the security leadership of Sweden disputing his wild post-campaign bull•••• self-aggrandizing rants spewed in low-information regions of our country, the •••clown in Chief persists.

      “Give the public a break - The FAKE NEWS media is trying to say that large scale immigration in Sweden is working out just beautifully. NOT!”
      — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 20, 2017

      Maybe someone in the maladministration could read this to the INSANE ILLITERATE POTUS?

      link to

  • Netanyahu rejected offer by Kerry & Arab Leaders of Comprehensive Peace Talks (11)
    • Why should Israel make any concessions to the Palestinians?

      Militarily, the Israelis are infinitely stronger than the Palestinians, and 150 years of Zionist thinking has fixed all of Palestine, and then more, as land which belongs to Jews by either divine right or historical right - the so-called "Land of Israel". This is a universal understanding within Israel.

      The Israelis are taking over all of Palestine as fast as they can and displacing the Palestinians into disparate disjointed Bantustans, or encouraging their emigration, - in effect, ethnic cleansing.

      American politicians are either ignorant of what is going on, too shallow minded to think critically, or are intentionally burying their head in the sand.

      The status quo suits Israel perfectly, because it is not a static status quo but a dynamic one in which Israel is expanding like a cancer.

      As for peace, Israel already has peace - peace at the barrel of a Uzi.

    • Juan you remarked sarcastically, "Sure. A comprehensive peace with the Arab League states..would doom Israel." I've long thought that Israel could not long survive peace. The different groups of Jewish Israelis don't like each other very much. Without a real or imagined common enemy what's to stop them from going at each other's throats?

  • Trump plots to keep Palestinians Stateless forever (29)
    • trump is a bad extra in a horribly expensive and long hollywood movie fiasco. he is not the director. he is not the writer. he is not the movie company. he is an extra just reading a couple of lines poorly. hillary might have read the lines better but it would have been the same script. actually i am not sure she would have read the lines any better. give trump a break. cant blame him for everything.

    • and what would hillary be doing if she was the emperor?

  • As Antarctica Ice Cover Shrinks, Trump Picks ‘Most Dangerous’ EPA Leader (1)
    • The unrestricted rampant waste water injection activity in Oklahoma is triggering ever increasing numbers of stronger and stronger earthquakes. Here is the last 30 days - link to

      Pruitt has done NOTHING to protect Oklahoma citizens and property from forced fossil-fuel extraction greed and corruption.

      Now, Scott Pruitt will be allowed to unleash pure poison into our atmosphere and water on behalf of those he slavishly serves. This man is truly dangerous in his loyalties and IGNORANCE.
      link to

  • Netanyahu rejected offer by Kerry & Arab Leaders of Comprehensive Peace Talks (11)
    • Hmm 61/120 is an exceedingly weak position. Have past "coalitions" been as weak as that?

      One would think that PMs that had strong backing would be in a much more tenable position to both succeed in seeking peace and enhancing their personal position. Are these assumptions reasonable?

    • Now that the "peace process" has been fully exposed as the sham cover for colonization that it always was, Israel is pushing an alliance against the "evil and dangerous" Iran as the new cover. He apparently has a willing accomplice in Trump, and Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States are on board, at least sort of behind the scenes, as well as Egypt and probably Jordan and other Sunni states.

      So things are looking rosy for Netanyahu's plan to simply keep the status quo and slowly nibble away all Palestinian rights. He can live with occasional outbreaks of violence and loss of a few Israeli and lots of Palestinian lives. With the unlimited military, financial and diplomatic support of the US government, he, and most Israelis, are quite content with the status quo.

  • Are Republicans Shielding Trump from Special Prosecutor and Russia Inquiry? (7)
    • Does hyper-partisan behavior enabling a TRAITOR disturb anyone else?

      Hammer on your Congressperson for real action! Never mind being put on someone’s “enemies” list.

  • Eight People Flee U.S. Border Patrol to Seek Asylum in Canada (2)
  • Are Republicans Shielding Trump from Special Prosecutor and Russia Inquiry? (7)
    • This latest "trial balloon" eviscerating the Ukraine makes it extremely difficult to believe that we haven't been played by the Russians, with the aid and consent of Republicans in congress.

  • Top 8 Signs someone is a White Terrorist, e.g. plotting to Blow up Mosque (15)
  • Eight People Flee U.S. Border Patrol to Seek Asylum in Canada (2)
  • Netanyahu rejected offer by Kerry & Arab Leaders of Comprehensive Peace Talks (11)
    • So isn't it time Netanyahu and the zionists stopped playing the " Palestinians rejected peace deals", card, which was always ridiculous when you consider the 60 years long occupation, the on going land grabs and acres of illegal settlements, the blockades, the mowing of the lawn, the Palestinian kids being thrown in jail kidnapped in the middle of the night, and abused? Only the ignorant will keep believing that victims of an occupation prefers the status quo, the occupation, and keep suffering this way. Netanyahu was offered fighter jets worth millions of dollars just to get his behind to sit for peace talks, and they turned it down too. Israel has the upper hand and plenty of Palestinian land and water, and keeps offering the Palestinians a pittance. It is time Americans got wise to this stupid charade. Israel does not want peace, it prefers the status quo, so that they can continue to steal all the lands, and deprive the occupied of their freedom. Netanyahu has already said there will be no 2SS, so what is the world waiting for?
      Shame on the Arab nations (Saudi Arabia) who are best buddies with the occupier, and who have ignored the plight of their own people Shame on them.

    • Thanks for the history lesson. As for your question: "If you keep rejecting peace, guess what you get?" -- what you get is more of the West Bank, plus more financial, military and diplomatic support from the US.

    • Netanyahu has been exceptionally adept at fooling the world by perpetuating the charade of the two-state solution despite his own admission that he was the person who killed the Oslo Accord. He has done this partly through doublespeak and partly by diverting attention from Israeli expansion by raising the bogus claim about Iran’s “nuclear weapons”.

      As early as 1992, he predicted that Iran would be able to produce a nuclear weapon within three to five years. This has been his constant refrain right up to the present time, as we saw during his meeting with President Trump last week.

      However, Netanyahu has not been the only Israeli leader who has misled the world about the Zionists’ real intentions. Right from the start, the Zionist leadership formally accepted the partition plan, giving the lion’s share of Palestine to the Jews who constituted a minority, but their real intention was the total annexation of the whole of Palestine. When Zionist leaders objected to the partition plan they were persuaded by Ben-Gurion to agree to official acceptance. However, in several secret meetings he made it clear that the partition borders were unacceptable and had to be rectified at the first opportunity. The minutes of those meetings reveal the real intentions of Ben-Gurion and hard-line Zionists, which was to annex the whole of Palestine. In July 1948, Ben-Gurion gave orders for the operation in Lydda and Ramleh, “Expel them”, and they did. Some 70% of Palestinians were expelled and the stealing of more and more territory has continued unabated. The Yinon Plan published in 1982 even envisaged a “greater Israel”, gobbling up some parts of the Middle East outside the Palestinian territory.

      In addition to numerous UN resolutions declaring Israeli settlements in occupied territory illegal, in 2004 the International Court of Justice by a 14-1 majority also declared the wall built deep into Palestinian territory and the occupation of Palestinian lands illegal.

      It is time to implement international law and to stop this vicious plan of expansion, because if it continues under the most pro-Israeli, anti-Arab and Islamophobic administration in America’s entire history nothing will be left of Palestine and the rights of dispossessed Palestinians.

    • It doesn't matter how careful a plan be laid before them, the only way to achieve their withdrawal and the return to coherent life of the erstwhile inhabitants is force. Since they are armed to the hilt, it needs global ostracisation to bring them to order. Quite apart from the appalling indignities and suffering their naked colonialism lays on innocent people, it is accomplished with total disregard for the supranational institutions put in place precisely to protect the values of that level of civilisation to which most of our world has evolved, values to which they pay not even lip service. That unleashes the worst elements in human nature and is arguably responsible for most of the bloody discord in that area. Peace fosters peace and the corollary is even more true. This is not peculiar to the Middle East, you see it in any area where gangs and gangsterism develop until whole communities live in fear.

    • Funny, I was just reading something over at the Wash Post site claiming an entirely different history, that Kerry's initiative was doomed from the start as neither side --which this write defined as Netanyahu and Abbas -- made any kind of move off their previous positions.

      I do give a lot of credibility to this report, but I'd like to see more Arab voices saying it did happen. The Arab league states, presumably led by Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kuwait, etc., were really ready to co-sign a peace treaty with Israel ??

      Was it so tenuous that Kerry couldn't even hint at it? If such a big institutional change actually was in the realm of real possibility, that would have been a game-changer, one leak of it would have changed history.

      A very intriguing story, obviously still developing.

  • Trump invents Sweden Terror Attack, Lies about Immigrant Crime (39)
    • It is shocking how Trump can get away with things where if President Obama or Clinton had done those things, Republicans would have put Obama and Clinton on trial for treason. It's becoming horrifying shocking. And, little children don't tell the truth to their parents? Parents tell them to stop lying and punish them. Husband or wife or companion cheat they say "you lied to me!" When is the national media going to start calling Trump a liar? Everyday people will be called liars if we lie. But not Trump?

  • Trump's Russia scandals could be about to get much, much worse (3)
    • The thing to remember is, this is not about plucky Russia standing up to the evil American empire to liberate us all from Wall Street. This is about a corrupt right-wing petro-state that wants the world divided Orwell-style between several Wall Streets, each subservient to a right-wing tycoon/tyrant who runs a government as his private property supported by a populist henchman cult. There is no room for democracy in this model, or dissent, or a free press, because each tyranny is absolute within its sphere of influence.

  • Trump invents Sweden Terror Attack, Lies about Immigrant Crime (39)
    • Well, that is consistent with plotting to undermine the Lincoln Amendments - which the far-right skulking around on the Internet has been pimping since the '90s.

      The only way to do it is the way the Virginia plantation owners did it in the 1670s. Enslave one portion of the working class under a caste label, and elevate another portion and hand them the whips. We've come full circle.

    • Someone recently pointed out that a nation of settlers is not the same as a nation of immigrants. Settlers come to conquer and impose their values on all who live there. Then they turn around and claim immigrants want to do the same, but they're wrong. The immigrants want at most a share of power. But even that is an abomination to the settler mentality of absolutism.

  • Trump's Russia scandals could be about to get much, much worse (3)
    • it is worth thinking about why the intelligence community is leaking so much this time, when it hasn't done so in the past. Seeing the CIA and Pentagon using their power to deligitimize an elected President is a bit scary.

  • Trump invents Sweden Terror Attack, Lies about Immigrant Crime (39)
    • I think you're on to something, and it is something that has been on my mind for a while now.
      I think we're looking at this in the wrong way.
      Yes, there are elements of fascism in Trumpism, but, as you stated, I think there is also an element of anarchy - an anarchy that could partially explain the obsession with Russia by the Trumpists, with its roots being in 19th century Russian anarchism/socialism.
      Let's call this "anarcho-fascist Trumpism."
      Of course Trump doesn't have the intellect to formulate or interpret any of this, but I think someone in his sphere is quite enamored of Russian history vis-a-vis the methods of revolutionary transformation.

      Trumpism as a "People's Will" movement, more concerned with nihilism and chaos than with any coherent political ideology. Instead of the two-headed Goebbels, Bannon and Miller are more aligned with a Bakunin and/or a Nechaev.

      The former pushing an economically neoliberal populism, while the latter a socialistic populism - both of which were doomed to failure because of their authoritarian underpinnings.

      Obviously, this is not a perfect comparison, and I only offer it as a starting point in the alternative to the "Trumpism as Nazism" premise.

      It's late Sunday night, and I'm a bit punchy, so feel free to dismiss or just laugh off.
      I'll probably do the same in the a.m...LOL



    • There is a very basic division in human nature between the individually and the cooperatively minded, the bumble and the honey bee, with the former possessing an inborn sense of superiority.

    • Just keep in mind who's really at the helm, and what's not being told of those actions!

    • That's really the whole issue isn't it? All those Trump supporters. Maybe not a majority of US adults, but perhaps 40% or so. That's enough to keep the whole neo-Nazi project alive and well until Reichstag Fire time comes.

      And yes, they are not just an amorphous group or stupid people or deplorables. In fact, as far as I can tell there weren't too many "working class" voters for Trump despite all that media stuff about it. They seem to be professionals and business owners. I know a few and they are in pretty good financial shape, for the moment anyway.

      So the question is: will events and decency and reason move them from their support of Trump? And I think the answer is a big NO.

      Here's's an anecdote. From today. The short version.

      So I live in a small town in the Southwest. Votes Democratic, mostly. And so does the county. But get a little further out and there are plenty of solid Republican areas. There are ranchers, university professors, artists and retirees.

      I was talking with someone I know slightly. He's a successful small business owner. Makes a decent living in town. I like him and we were discussing an idea that we share for a business. Maybe. He was complaining about how unreliable his low-paid help was. I suggested he pay them more. He didn't respond and instead went on about how people had been living off the government for generations and it was time to end all of that. He didn't want to be paying for lazy people's bills. Cut off the supply of free money and maybe they'd do something useful. And so on. You've probably heard it all before.

      So here's the shocker. I told him that really implementing a complete elimination of all those government programs would amount to Social Darwinism. He knew exactly what I was talking about. He didn't quite smile, but gave me a look that I understood very well.

      Do you understand? There are a significant minority of Americans who believe that ALL government programs need to be eliminated. Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps. Subsidies for art and science. Free school lunches...all of it. Unions. Labor laws. Environmental laws. Etc. All completely eliminated. And they know very well that it will impoverish and kill million upon millions of people. It’s what they want, without saying it directly.

      They know very well what the result of the most extreme Trump/Republican agenda will be.

    • Donald Trump has, and continues, to aid and abet an immigrant to evade the proper protocols for obtaining residency and citizenship in the United States of America. His wife purportedly supplied false and misleading information to Federal immigration authorities to obtain said residency and citizenship. Not one single person should be deported from this country prior to this issue being addressed by Congress and resolved.

    • link to and then you can also check link to and, finally, link to

    • My own opinion is that the die hard Trump supporters number maybe one third of the electorate. He has another 8 to 10-% that can swing his way depending on the situation. He got 46% of the vote and that was inflated by about 2.5% points because of the Comey letter.For example, he got almost all Republican votes, many holding their nose because they couldn't stand the idea of Clinton winning and appointing a liberal to the Supreme Court. There are a lot of independents who lean right and with things like the email propaganda and the Comey letter, voted for Trump because they ignored the warning signs and figured he was the lesser of two evils. Trump's favorability rating is now 38%. Bush got down to the mid to upper 20's by the time he left office, so i think Trump could get down as low as the low 30's within this year, depending on developments. On the effect of the Comey letter, see link to

    • Fox News supported Clinton to the hilt? Those are alternative facts.

    • They are of a different intellect. They are angry, racist, and brainwashed by Limbaugh, Hannity, and Ted Nugent. They will believe anything as long as it is against the "liberals" who in their minds has destroyed the nation. Ironic they cannot see it happening right now.

    • I you call the Electoral College democratic. Losing by 2.8 million votes and winning the office doesn't seem very democratic to me. Is there any other office in the US where you can get more votes and lose? I don't know of any.

    • Which just happened to include billions of dollars worth of indirect subvention via media coverage, to the detriment of other candidates. Would we be happier with the term "gifted"?

    • PS....Look at the actual numbers.

      Even with Clinton, a tiny bit more involvement would've made all the difference.

      But, the fact is that she was evidently not up to what the US needs.

      With the right person and platform, the Yahoos and their currently loud voice will fade into the background. They simply have to be acknowledged and included in that new vision.

    • With so many posts above wondering, once again, How Oh How did we let a bunch of Yahoos take over....???

      The answer, not to put too fine a point on it, is the best alternative that could be burped-up was HRC.

      We can and should shoot a messenger who, having made his point, takes over (not a perfect analogy, but you get the point.)

      What needs to happen now is not just to stop Trump/Bannon, but come up with a real alternative, and the DNC has still shown NO sign that it even gets what just happened.

      I'm interested in genuinely new leadership. The stakes are now such that some relative unknown with the right vision and skills might step up. Whoever steps up will find people, other than from the status quo, ready to support them in a way that can lead to success.

      For every time someone emerges. Let's just hope the Trump/Bannon vision doesn't represent our collective destiny.

  • Are Republicans Shielding Trump from Special Prosecutor and Russia Inquiry? (7)
    • The "it's not playing back home" quote is false and it seems as though @gop has taken the same tact as @potus of being delusional

  • Garden Party, 1640: Iranian Lady entertains European Gentleman (6)
    • You have once again shown why you have one of the best sites on the web - not only the most thorough and informed (sorry) articles but info re art & poetry as well. thanks again for all you do!

  • Trump invents Sweden Terror Attack, Lies about Immigrant Crime (39)
    • As H.L. Mencken once said, no one ever went broke by underestimating the intelligence of the American public.

      Another adage worth pondering is the one about a nation getting the kind of government it deserves. There are individuals that can rightly claim they deserve better but not the composite American.

    • And what a corrupt and shabby "democratic" process it was

    • If you are fortunate enough to live in a district where your rep starts the Townhall with "this is what resistance" looks like then keep pushing your locality to protect your values... or go to th neighboring townhall and demand a voice... this is a large enough movement to be sustainable. Stay smart. Stay safe. Keep talking. Not anonymous posts. Engage at the post office... the grocery store.. the bank... clean off graffiti...where a hijab... do not be silenced....

  • Are Republicans Shielding Trump from Special Prosecutor and Russia Inquiry? (7)
  • Garden Party, 1640: Iranian Lady entertains European Gentleman (6)
  • Top 8 Signs someone is a White Terrorist, e.g. plotting to Blow up Mosque (15)
    • The term “White terrorism” is used in the same manner as the more commonly deployed "Islamic Terrorism" to point out the false distinction made by those who use the term.

  • Trump invents Sweden Terror Attack, Lies about Immigrant Crime (39)
    • Another day, another lie. But again, none of this matters to his base. That's the most disheartening and yet fascinating part of it all. I really would love to see a social scientists investigate more deeply why so many Trump supporters remain unshakably loyal despite what the man says - and does. It's not hard to understand why the GOP establishment in Washington sticks with him. As long as he signs bills they pass, everything will be peachy keen. The likes of Ryan & McConnell are politically amoral - I'm being kind - so it matters little whether Trump's recorded talking about "pussy grabbing" or attacking the media as "the enemy." But those millions of regular folks who aren't part of the DC gravy train - c'mon people; wake the hell up and start paying attention. Yet they remain in line, egging him on. Boy, this one is a head scratcher. Are we so divided into tribes that facts just don't any longer matter?

    • With a couple exceptions America has generally been hostile to immigrants with the "Yellow Peril" of the late 19th Century being one of the more notorious and cruel.

      The exceptions include, according to a Texas school textbook, the "workers" imported from Africa and the "poor and tired huddled masses" to help keep wages depressed.

      The Americans that got it right when they claimed immigrants would bring disaster were the Native Americas who understandably didn't like the aggressive behavior of settlers moving into their nations.

    • Thanks so much for this information, which I will gladly share. BTW, on Huffington Post today is a story about this which also includes the favorability rating of Trump in other countries. 92% of Swedes had an unfavorable opinion of him even before this. Trump's best rating was 40% unfavorable, 22% favorable (I think that was Hungary) with his unapproval way up there in most countries (96% unfavorable in Canada). Showing once again how most other publics are smarter than the American public. As H.L. Mencken once said, no one ever went broke by underestimating the intelligence of the American public.

    • Well, you can share articles like this on Facebook if you have any right wing Facebook friends. You can also bookmark this story and then copy and paste the URL in replies to right wingers who comment elsewhere. It is not a panacea, but constant refutation of lies cannot hurt.

  • Are Republicans Shielding Trump from Special Prosecutor and Russia Inquiry? (7)
    • As far as I am concerned the Republicans are doing far more then protecting Trump and his Administration. They are protecting their whole party, for by their chosen choices of non-action. It is very easy to see that they are running scared for they know if the truth came out about their parties involvement.It would show that the election is no longer valid via collusion

  • Trump invents Sweden Terror Attack, Lies about Immigrant Crime (39)
    • I am deeply pessimistic about this, because I think the average Trump supporter will never be satisfied by anything less than the guarantee of a White monopoly on power. Remove Trump, and this sort will search out any other means to obtain that. The trend line from Reagan to W to Trump shows that. They will support a dictator one day and secession the next. Police state one day and militia anarchy the next. Fascist economics one day and unfettered private rights to discriminate the next. Disenfranchisement one day and ethnic cleansing the next.

      You can't get to them by debunking those justifications, because they're just tools to get at something they refuse to admit they want. They want it so bad that they will absorb some unknown amount of real harm in the belief that things will magically get better one day when "those people are put back in their place."

      Now, how many out there are like this? If it's large, then we have only the options of a credible threat of race revolution, or enduring a multi-generational evil held in place by rigged elections. If it's small, then you are instead peeling off Trump supporters who care that America is clearly being impoverished by the advancement of more progressive countries. But that takes time. People soaked deeply in the cult of American exceptionalism will not be moved by comparisons to historical tyranny.

    • Didius was princeps from March 28-June 1, AD 193. I prefer the analogy of Julius Caesar, who managed to exploit a political system that had become so corrupt and had so violated its own constitutional norms that a simple push sent the whole edifice careening ultimately into the hands of autocracy. Incidentally, Caesar was known for nothing if not his transgression of political norms.

  • Dutch Far-Right Leader Vows to Rid Nation of 'Moroccan Scum' (1)
    • Trying to imagine how it feels to be a Moroccan immigrant in the Netherlands.
      Not a comfortable feeling.
      And if I have kids, I would worry all the time for their safety.

  • Israeli, Palestinian officials react to Trump's shift away from 2-state solution (4)
    • One state means compelling the GoI to implement equal policies and integrate Christian, Muslims, and other religious groups in to the jewish state without prejudice. Not to mention - stop taking homes away from the non Jewish residents precisely because they are not members of the state religion.

      Dear Right: Be careful what you wish for

  • Trump invents Sweden Terror Attack, Lies about Immigrant Crime (39)
    • for the lazy reader,
      at least some hint of what Trump actually said would have been helpful.

    • if you are talking about fixing the thinking of some amorphous mass of "others" who have wrong values and beliefs, good luck with that.
      but if you intend to help individuals you know and come into contact with to open their eyes to how you view the world,
      let them catch you picking up trash around the neighborhood,
      or bringing a meal to a neighbor family with 8 kids,
      or helping out when a neighbor family has a crisis.

      That will make them ask, "that person is an ordinary schlub like me. Why the heck are they doing good things, with no possibility of reward ?
      What is in their heart that compels them to do good for others ?"

      At first they'll write you off as not sensible. But if this becomes a pattern, and if you appear to be happy to do this stuff, they are going to want to know what makes you tick.
      THEN you pounce.
      Share your values in invitation, not through browbeating.
      You might be thinking that I'm talking about effective methods of religious proselytization, and I am, because this is, in the larger sense, about values and beliefs.

  • Farewell to doublespeak: Israel’s vision for the future is terrifying (2)
    • What is so sad is that this complete article, without its contemporary references to Trump, could have been written over ten years ago.

      In fact, with the demonstrated lack of Israeli Good Faith in implementing the Oslo accords (such as they were), Israeli intentions were clear.

      Except for those somehow making a living off the facade, or who were suborned into maintaining it so Israel could continue to think it was something other than what it has become.

  • Trump invents Sweden Terror Attack, Lies about Immigrant Crime (39)
  • Garden Party, 1640: Iranian Lady entertains European Gentleman (6)
  • Top 8 Signs someone is a White Terrorist, e.g. plotting to Blow up Mosque (15)
  • Are Republicans Shielding Trump from Special Prosecutor and Russia Inquiry? (7)
  • Trump invents Sweden Terror Attack, Lies about Immigrant Crime (39)
    • Until the truth is to be known about what's really going on with our U.S. tragedies and war the lies will continue to breed fear. Fear overrides rational thinking.

      My Italian grandma sometimes would recall how in her early days in America no one wanted the Italians. She would say, how some Italian gangster in Chicago kills another gangster, and then theses Americans say how all we Italians are bad...that's how America thinks of us, we all gangsters. This stereotyping wasn't confined to only the Italians.

      More than likely if your ancestors immigrated here to America, they weren't very much wanted here when they first arrived.

      JFK's 6/10/63 American University speech spoke to this in some regard.....

      "So, let us not be blind to our differences--but let us also direct attention to our common interests and to the means by which those differences can be resolved. And if we cannot end now our differences, at least we can help make the world safe for diversity. For, in the final analysis, our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this small planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children's future. And we are all mortal."

  • Garden Party, 1640: Iranian Lady entertains European Gentleman (6)
  • Trump invents Sweden Terror Attack, Lies about Immigrant Crime (39)
    • Juan my question to you is how can any of us get to the average Trump supporter who is 100% fox news listener and watcher and who drinks the Kool Aid of such wild exaggerations?

      How can we and the rest of the media get to them to show them that this is nothing more than pure propaganda?

    • This man makes it up as he goes along. He has no fear about lying and getting caught doing it. He knows his supporters are not smart enough to research and find out the truth. They have drunk too much of the koolaid and will believe anything he or his administration says. Politicians lie, but Trump's whoppers are frequent, bold, and the rest of the world knows it. It is embarrassing to have such man who has no principles, honesty, and credibility, be leader of the US. I have travelled to many nations recently, and most people ask me how Americans could vote for this man, he is looked upon as a joke, or dangerous.

    • thanks for interesting informations

    • Trump is a symptom, not a cause. He's like a rash warning of something seriously wrong, similar perhaps to Didius Julianus who purchased the Roman throne (163 AD) and enjoyed it for a two months and a couple of days before coming to a sticky end. According to Cassius Dio he was regarded by the people as an insult to Rome and they shouted abuse and hurled stones at him. What may be salutary is that he was succeeded by a military dictatorship, and a successful one at that.

    • It is the ultimate sign of ignorance and arrogance for a president to think his powers are unchecked. The deep state has already begun clipping his wings, starting with Flynn. It is obvious this administration is completely infiltrated by foreign agents. As their patriotic responsibility demands, U.S. intelligence community and military has no option but to purge the nation of this curse that has befallen us.

  • Top 8 Signs someone is a White Terrorist, e.g. plotting to Blow up Mosque (15)
  • Antarctica: Iceberg Size of Delaware Poised to Break Away (1)
  • Top 8 Signs someone is a White Terrorist, e.g. plotting to Blow up Mosque (15)
    • But he was not charged with terrorism.

      Of course not. In the United States of Hypocrisy it is only people of color who are charged with terrorism.

    • 9. If you are bestowed with the privilege of openly carrying firearms at political events or even drawing a bead on federal agents when they investigate your illegal appropriation of publicly owned land with no action being taken against you. (But if a person of color, well, even if we just suspect you're carrying, you are toast!)

  • Tomorrow, they will say, “Donald Trump rants and raves at the press.” (18)
    • The FAKE NEWS media (failing @nytimes, @NBCNews, @ABC, @CBS, @CNN) is not my enemy, it is the enemy of the American People!
      — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 17, 2017

      What will tiny fingers do to protect us from the scourge of facts and reality.

  • Top 8 Signs someone is a White Terrorist, e.g. plotting to Blow up Mosque (15)
    • 'Terrorism' is essentially a tactic of politics, by other means. Handily re-defined by some of its practicioners to delegitimize others who may also employ it.

      But make no mistake, the use of Terrorism, and evocation of its existence by politicians or in a blog, are both political acts.

      At whatever point you can work from that understanding, Terrorism becomes something you can begin to address effectively, meaning politically.

    • Correction needed in #7. The cowboy is pointing a shotgun (double barreled), not a rifle. There's a big differece between the two, and the error is immediately obvious to those who know it.

    • White supremacist infiltration of law enforcement, and the removal of white supremacist groups from terror lists is obviously of enormous concern. CALL your Congressmen and Senators to express your outrage or fear.

    • The term "white terrorism" suggests that regular terrorism is committed by non-white people, when in fact white people are the world champions of global terrorism.

  • Trump plots to keep Palestinians Stateless forever (29)
    • I think a great deal has changed. Discussions that used to turn on whether the Palestinians "deserve" a state are over; discussions turning over the question whether Palestinians, for Israelis, have rights- or are even human- can now begin.

      Israel was able to duck this question for generations based on the idea that some day, Palestinians would have a state. Now, the question of their membership in the community of the West arises. "All men are created equal." Can a state that openly, now, defies this principle, be considered a member of the civilized world?

      When the answer to the question, "do you intend to keep these people as a permanent underclass" is answered with a resounding, "yes!" then their exposure as an outcast state is imminent.

    • Odd that nobody else notes the disconnect between this line:
      Trump [about Bibi]: "Smart man, great negotiator, and I think we’re going to make a deal."
      and this line:
      Trump: "So, I’m looking at two-state and one-state and I like the one that both parties like."

      So, apparently, "both parties" are expected to be happy with the "deal", even though one of those parties is going to be excluded from the "deal-making process".

      A more apt description would be: it'll be "a deal" between the Israeli/USA, and "a fait-accompli" for the Palestinians.


    • excellent analysis and well articulated Ta'niah

  • Has Trump quietly surrendered to Russia and China? (8)
    • POTUS has done one better than caving to both China and Russia in his first month of infesting our White House. He has now dropped to his knees in front of Benjamin Netanyahu.

      Clearly, 45 has a roaring case of penis envy. He withers when confronted by actual alpha plus males.

  • Psychologists: Trump's Rage makes him incapable of Serving safely as President (11)
    • Mr. Korol - Obama/Biden are not insane. The Harvard Medical School assistant clinical professor of psychiatry clearly knows the difference. What is so sinister about a retired Professor being active, politically?

      Better than a double-wide chock full of Red Hats?

  • Tomorrow, they will say, “Donald Trump rants and raves at the press.” (18)
    • Basically, a hysterical, unqualified new President is verbally calling out and tweeting against opponents up front and behind the scenes studying the best way to call out the National Guard.

      What could possibly go wrong?

    • We're running up against the refusal of extremists in America to accept that the flouting of civilized standards of behavior may be instrumental to actual acts of evil - because they've already staked their self-worth on the certainty that civilized standards of behavior are evil. And I'm not just referring to the extreme Right.

      It takes a Hitler to show us what evil truly is, as opposed to ordinary bourgeois corruption and hypocrisy. And then our grandchildren forget.

    • So what the Obama gang did was so reprehensible that an actual war of threats and whipping up of redneck anger against our national media, or ordering the Council of Economic Advisors to assume a future 3 to 3.5% growth rate instead of 2% and then filling in all other economic numbers to match, or looking for a way to use 100,000 National Guardsmen to round up aliens, doesn't strike you as crossing the line into an actual dictatorship?

      I mean, that's like saying that the Vichy Republic was morally no worse than the imperialist 3rd Republic that preceded it, because hey, that handing over Jews to Hitler stuff is offset by Vichy surrendering its empire to a foreign conqueror. You refuse to imagine what crimes Trump will attempt next based on historical models so that you can keep him morally equivalent to Obama. And then Trump commits them - and you will be back here with new excuses.

    • Now you're broaching the metaphysics of reality. Per Rove, its dangerous to give credence to follow that road and not recognize what's really so.