No Security Council Resolution Los

No Security Council Resolution?

The Los Angeles Times reported today that the Bush administration will likely not seek a UN Security Council Resolution authorizing war against Iraq. The report said that Bush fears a veto by Russia or China. Most US European allies, and even some in the Middle East, such as Kuwait, have said such a resolution would be necessary before they could agree to support such a US move.

Earlier reports had speculated that the US could get a favorable Security Council resolution, since China usually abstains on such matters and Russia needs US economic aid and good will. Of course, France is also opposed to an Iraq war. If it is true that Bush has given up on the security council, it means that the US is really isolated on this issue.

The depth of the opposition to such a war in the Arab world has probably been underestimated by the administration all along, and the degree of influence the Arab League states have with France, Russia and China is also not negligible.

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