Explosions Near Kabul Airport There

Explosions near Kabul Airport

There were three explosions near Kabul airport on Saturday, according to the Turkish commander of the peace keeping forces in Afghanistan. It is a bit startling that even at a key such installation in the capital, security has not been achieved by the 7000 American and the thousands of peace-keeping forces in the country. If bombs are going off near Kabul airport one shudders at what is going on in the rest of the country, which has been turned back over to the warlords.

At least the US has now reversed its longstanding oppostion to expanding the international peace keeping forces and having them cover something besides the capital. One question is whether the US can keep its allies committed to this peace keeping work if there is a big split with them over the looming Iraq campaign. The Germans have already said that in case of an Iraq war they will withdraw their special forces from Kuwait.

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