Saddam Hussein Says He Refuses To

Saddam Hussein says he refuses to resign and will remain in power, attempting to dampen down the rumors flying in Europe that he might step down in order to avoid a war with the United States. This is not a big surprise, since Saddam’s whole purpose in life is to be a dictator. Besides, if he resigned his life would not be worth a plugged dinar.

Jordan has started a major round-up of illegal aliens from Iraq resident in that country. Apparently they fear if there is another US-Iraq war, these undocumented Iraqis might turn to terrorism in the kingdom.

Jordan’s armed forces will conduct military exercises in south Jordan with their counterparts from the US, Oman, the UAE, and Egypt beginning in mid-October.

The Iranian foreign minister, who will meet his British opposite number Jack Straw tomorrow, says he will stress to the British that Tehran firmly opposes any US unilateral military action against Iraq.

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