Size Of Reconsituted Police Force

Size of reconsituted police force currently deployed in Baghdad: 3,000

Population of Baghdad: 5 million

Days since new Baghdad police chief has resigned: 1

Size of police force in Chicago: 13,000

Population of Chicago proper: 3 million

Number of days since Shiites in slums of East Baghdad have seen a US Patrol: 4

Number of radical Shiite militiamen patrolling slums of East Baghdad: 6,000

Percentage Iraqis without access to clean water: 40

Number of Iraqi children who are chronically malnourished: 1 million

Number of press reports saying most of Baghdad has security, electricity, water: 0

*Villagers of Qawwam Bakr near Babil in south Iraq say they have found a mass grave. The bodies are victims of Saddam’s brutal crushing of the 1991 uprising against him. So far 35 bodies have been recovered.

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