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*Breaking news (revised):

The members of the new Iraqi Governing Council, which declared itself Sunday, are as follows, according to CNN. I have changed the presentation to make the breakdown clearer, and also added some information from az-Zaman and other Arabic sources. Note that I don’t include the Communist in the “Shiite” column. That’s a bit of a stretch, don’t you think? And, it is odd that there is no Chaldean Christian, only an Assyrian.

Sunni Arabs:

Adnan Pachachi, 80, former foreign minister (1965-1967), Sunni

Nasir Chaderchi, National Democratic Party (Arab nationalist) Sunni

Ghazi Mashal Ajil al-Yawer, northern tribal chief, Sunni [Shimr Tribe]

Mohsen Abdel Hamid, Iraqi Islamic Party, Sunni

Samir Shakir Mahmoud, (Independent); businessman and tribal chieftain in Haditha north of Baghdad


Jalal Talabani, 67, Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Sunni Kurd

Massoud Barzani, 56, Kurdistan Democratic Party, Sunni Kurd

Mahmoud Ali Othman, 60, Sunni Kurd from Sulaimaniya, physician. Former KDP.

Founded the Kurdish Socialist Party in London in 1975, then withdrew

from politics.

Salaheddine Bahaaeddin, 53, Kurdistan Islamic Union, Sunni Kurd. Close to the

Muslim Brotherhood.

Dara Noor Alzin, 50, Baghdad court judge and Islamist originally from Kirkuk.


Ahmed Chalabi, founder of Iraqi National Congress

Abdelaziz Al Hakim, a leader of the Supreme Council for the Islamic

Revolution (and head of the paramilitary Badr Corps)

Ibrahim Jafari, 56, Al-Da’wah Islamic Party (which he joined in 1966).

Was active in Karbala 1970-79, when he was forced to flee to Iran.

In 1989 he went to London. Note that the London branch of

al-Da`wa has been willing to deal with the US, but the Iranian

branch as been more standoffish.

Izzeddin Salim [Western press gives him as Abdel-Zahraa Othman

Mohammed, but Shiites are seldom named Othman!], a historian

and leader of the Al-Da’wah Party in Basra. The Basra al-Da`wa or

Tanzim al-Da`wa tended to reject Khomeini’s theory of clerical rule.

Abdel-Karim Mahoud al-Mohammedawi, member of Iraqi political party

Hezbollah, (fought guerrilla war against Saddam–is a leader of the

Marsh Arabs and helps administer city of Amara in South)

Iyad Alawi, leader of the Iraqi National Accord (ex-Baathist officers), Shiite

Ahmed al-Barak Al-Busultan, human rights activist, Shiite (Iraqi Lawyers’ Union)

Aquila al-Hashimi, a woman, foreign affairs expert; member of an

administrative committee overseeing the post-Baath Foreign Ministry.

Has a Ph.D. in French literature. Had been close to Tariq Aziz

and was a Baath party member with a minor post in the Foreign

Ministry under Saddam.

Raja Habib al-Khuzaai, a woman, maternity hospital director in south,

Mohammed Bahr al-Uloum, cleric from Najaf. Former head of Ahl Al-Bait

Center in London. A liberal cleric close to Majid Khoie, who was

killed by a mob on April 10.

Mouwafak al-Rabii, Dentist and someone who split from al-Da`wa

Wael Abdul Latif, 50, Basra governor and secular court judge

Miscellaneous others:

Hamid Majid Moussa, 62, Communist Party (Shiite ethnicity). Economist;

family from Babil. Lived in Kurdistan from ’91.

Younadem Kana, 50, Assyrian Christian, engineer. In 1981 founded the

Democrtic Assyrian Movement, which he still leads.

Sondul Chapouk [Shunkul Habib `Umar], 35, a woman, Turkmen, art teacher and

artist at the School of Fine Arts in Mosul.

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