Case Of Missing Weapons Of Mass

The Case of the Missing Weapons of Mass Destruction

Josh Marshall has an excellent piece today, Sunday, on how the British and US governments are delaying the publication of the Kay report on Iraq’s alleged weapons of mass destruction. Marshall quotes sources that indicate that these just haven’t been found, so that the report will be an embarrassment. Marshall observes “Let’s be honest: there’s no reason for delaying or refusing to issue this report, save for domestic political concerns in the US and Britain. None.” See

On a related matter, Vice President Dick Cheney is denying that he saw the report done by Joe Wilson (former US ambassador to Iraq) that had found early in 2002 that the story of Iraqi uranium purchases from Niger was phony. Wilson, asked about this by Wolf Blitzer today, pointed out that there were four documents on the Niger story, including his own, that the Vice President almost certainly did see, and the only one that remained on his desk was something even the Italian tabloids had refused to print because they did not consider it credible. I’d say Wilson wins this one. If Cheney saw the Wilson report and discounted it, he looks like a boob. If the CIA sent him the Wilson report and he never bothered to read it, he looks like a boob.

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