Fao Says Millions Of Iraqis Suffer

FAO Says Millions of Iraqis Suffer Hunger

The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the World Food Programme (WFP) issued a report on Tuesday saying that almost half of the Iraqi population (24-26 million) are poverty-stricken and in need of aid. An estimated 60% are unemployed.

They say that chronic malnutrition afflicts several million persons, including 100,000 refugees and 200,000 internally displaced persons. “The situation of mothers and children in central and southern Iraq is of particular concern,” the report says. (Not good. The Shiites in the South are generally friendly to the US and should not be left hungry. The Sunnis in the center have a significant number of persons among them hostile to the US, which being thrown into poverty and hunger after having been at the top of the heap can only exacerbate.)

It is a horrible thing that a potentially rich oil state such as Iraq has been reduced to fourth world conditions by the misrule of the Baath.

The US agency that knows who to deal with these problems is US AID. So why is the Pentagon in charge of Iraqi reconstruction?



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