Jostling For Vacant Igc Seat Of Aqila

Jostling for the Vacant IGC seat of Aqila al-Hashimi

It may seem unseemly, but political forces are already attempting to place their candidate on the IGC as a successor to Aqila al-Hashimi, assassinated last week. CPA head Paul Bremer is said to want an independent professional women with the sort of standing and competency enjoyed by Dr. al-Hahsimi. Many feel that she should be a strong personality committed to feminist principles. The IGC will also probably insist that she be Shiite, so as to preserver the sectarian balance on that body.


Safiya al-Suhail, whose father was assassinated by Saddam’s secret police in 1993 in Beirut.

The Islamic Democratic Tendency is attempting to push its candidate.

The Women’s League likewise is trying to get the seat.

Another name that is mentioned is Fawziya al-`Atiya, a renouned sociologist.

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