Massacre Condemned By Sunni Clerics In

“Massacre” Condemned by Sunni Clerics in Falluja

Angry crowds chanted anti-American slogans in the western city of Falluja (pop. 256,000) as the security police killed in a friendly fire incident by US troops were buried on Saturday. Reuters reported that “Sunni clerics in the town issued a ‘Declaration by the people of Fallujah’ condemning the deaths of the security guards and police, announcing three days of mourning, and calling for a general strike today.” It read, “The people of Fallujah condemn the massacre which was committed on Friday against people dedicated to the protection of Fallujah. Let aggressive (American) leaders and soldiers know that we are capable of protecting the city’s security and safety, and ask them to lift their hands from the city.” The clerics demanded talks with local US commanders. Falluja has long been roiled by tense relations with the US soldiers there, since local Sunnis either remain committed to Arab nationalism or have become Sunni fundamentalists or even radicals. Cities such as Falluja received special treatment from Saddam and enjoyed a disproportionate share of the country’s wealth and power. They know that the American advent implies for them a demotion, and an elevation of the Shiites and Kurds, and they refuse to go quietly. See


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