No Post 1998 Nuclear Weapons Program In

No post-1998 Nuclear Weapons Program in Iraq

The Iraqis never tried to revive their nuclear weapons program after the UN inspectors dismantled it, according to senior Iraqi scientists. (This is obvious, by the way: a nuclear weapons program would involve buildings the size of a football field, hundreds of scientists, and would be impossible to hide. If it had been there the US would have found it.) It makes you wonder about the credibility of Khidir Hamza, an Iraqi nuclear scientist who kept being booked by the gullible news networks in the US over and over again, and who kept saying that Saddam was close to having a bomb by now. The Fox News commentators in particular hung on his every word, and echoed everything he said. But he hadn’t been in Iraq for a decade, and had no idea what he was talking about. Was Hamza a plant by someone? Was he pushed by the Benador talent agency, which pushes all the Neocons on television regardless of their credibility? All you have to do is nexis “Iraq” and “nuclear” for 2002-2003, and it is easy to see that we were all had by Hamza and his ilk. But will Fox News apologize for misleading us? No. We are being told that Uday buried some schematics in his garden in 1991, so that proves there was a nuclear weapons program. Or that there was a dream of one in the future. And, of course, a dream of one in the future is the same as the reality of one now. Quick! Let’s invade again! Surely some Iraqi somewhere is dreaming.


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