Three Us Soldiers Dead Perhaps Dozen

Three US Soldiers Dead, perhaps a dozen Wounded

Guerrillas throughout northern Iraq subjected American troops to a large number of deadly attacks on Thursday, killing at least three US soldiers and wounding perhaps a dozen.

Outside Tikrit, Saddam’s home town, guerrillas killed three US soldiers from the 4th Infantry Division and wounded two others. In Khalidiya, west of Baghdad, guerrillas attacked an army vehicle and set it on fire. Eye witnesses said between four and eight soldiers were pulled out of the vehicle, suffering from bad burns. At least two US soldiers were wounded near Ramadi, and there were rumors of many more being hurt there. Beginning Wednesday night, guerrillas launched a series of attacks on US troop in Mosul to the north, but al-Hayat, which reports the attacks, could learn nothing of the outcome. (-Wire Services, al-Hayat)

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