4 Us Soldiers Wounded In Iraq Two Us

4 US soldiers wounded in Iraq

Two US soldiers were wounded in a firefight in Falluja on Thursday, in which some civilians were also injured. Guerrillas in Kirkuk set off six explosions, using mortars or rocket-propelled grenades. They wounded two US soldiers. Then two suicide bombers set off another two explosions.

Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez admitted on Thursday that guerrilla attacks on US forces have increased in frequency and sophistication. In April after Saddam fell, there were few such attacks. By early summer they were averaging about 12 per day. At the beginning of October, they have risen to an average of 17 attacks per day, and the guerrillas are using ever more sophisticated weaponry. Some 3-6 US troops die weekly. (- Jim Michaels, USA Today) Sanchez said, “The enemy has evolved. It is a little bit more lethal, little bit more complex, little bit more sophisticated and in some cases a little bit more tenacious.”

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