4 Us Troops Killed 1 Wounded 7

4 US troops killed, 1 wounded, 7 Ukrainian Troops wounded

Guerrillas in Blid, 60 miles north of Baghdad, attacked US troops Tuesday with rockets and automatic weapons, killing two. Monday night, north of Baghdad, a US tank hit a land mine, and it was destroyed, killing two soldiers inside. In Kut, guerrillas ambushed a Ukrainian patrol, wounding seven troops. (Ukraine has 1,600 troops in Iraq). Although many attacks have been launched on Coalition troops in the south, few have produced casualties, and certainly not on this scale. Some coalition partners have begun talking about withdrawing their troop contingents because of the danger. US bases in Samarra and Kirkuk also were attacked, but no casualties were taken. There have been 233 attacks in the past 7 days.



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