57 Of Americans Want Some Troops To

57% of Americans want some Troops to Come Home;

50% of Americans Disapprove Bush Handling of Iraq

According to a CNN/ USA Today poll taken Oct. 24-26, exactly half of Americans disapprove of the way the Bush administration has dealt with the Iraq situation since May 1. (In April, only 18 percent disapproved. I’m happy to say that I was among the appalled in April).

57 percent of Americans say they want some or all US troops to come back to the US from Iraq, up from 46 percent in late August. Only 41 percent say to maintain present troop levels or send more. (2% must just not care).

But 54% of Americans still think the war was a valuable enterprise.

I read all this to say that a bare majority of Americans still thinks it was a good idea to go into Iraq, but a more solid majority wants it all to be over with right now, and about half the population thinks the post-war performance of the administration has been abysmal. I suppose it will eventually occur to the public that having the war at all implied having post-war instability that requires over 100,000 US troops to remain in the country a good long time. And when that connection dawns on them, the bare majority who still think the war was a good idea will evaporate.



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