90 Of Iraqi Public Opposes Turkish

90% of Iraqi Public opposes Turkish Troops: New Iraq Opinion Poll


Press Release :

Monday 13th of October 2003

Fikri Center, the Opinion Poll department at the Iraq Institute for

Democracy, based in Baghdad, Iraq, has conducted, last week, one opinion

poll in Baghdad, Mosul and Dohuk.

Opinion poll conducted beginning of 10-12 October 2003: 650 people at

random, from different ages and gender, and different districts, 18 years

and older, in Baghdad, Mosul and Dohuk were asked the following question:

?Do you support Turkish forces to come into Iraq??:

v Yes

v No

v No Opinion

The results are:

· Yes 6.00%

· No 89.50%

· No Opinion 4.50%

For Further contact: Hussain Sinjari, President of Iraq Institute for


Tel. in Baghdad +1 914 360 2669

E-mail: hussain.sinjari at iraq-democracy.org

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