Baghdad Most Dangerous City In World

“Baghdad Most Dangerous City in the World” “We’ve had people Killed on our Front Lawn”

David Enders, a recent U-M graduate, has been trying to run an English-language newspaper in Baghdad, but has run into severe problems of financing and of security.

The Detroit Free Press says:

“The news magazine hired an armed guard for the house. “We’ve had people killed on our front lawn,” Enders said. “People don’t feel safe going out and being on the streets. It precludes normal life as they would have it,” he said. “Baghdad is probably the most dangerous city in the world right now.” The Bulletin, available online at, distributed 10,000 free copies twice a month in English-speaking neighborhoods and sold copies for 500 dinars, or about 40 cents, on the street.

David’s keen first-hand observations on the ground (and he knows some Arabic) rather give the lie to the PR campaign the Bush administration kicked off this week, attempting to suggest that everything is rosy in Iraq.


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