Chalabi Outlines Goals Of New Iraqi

Chalabi Outlines Goals of New Iraqi Government

Addressing the UN, Iraqi member of the US-appointed Interim Governing Council Ahmad Chalabi laid out his vision of a new Iraqi government. Chalabi said that, “The pillars of this system are, first, a separation of powers,by writing a constitutional framework that ensures noninterference between the judicial, legislative, executive powers. Second, ensuring accountability, starting with the above mentioned supervision and going through elections that form the main entry of the individual in participation in politics and finally arriving at empowering civil society through the free press, unions and independent institutions . . . [then] “transparency, stemming from the fact that the source of sovereignty is the citizen.” The Fourth Pillar “is to respect the rights of the minority in relation to the majority.” Chalabi urged that a “representative, federal political system can best express the interests of all Iraqi citizens.” The new draft resolution prepared by the US for the UN on Iraq requires that the IGC consult with the UN in drafting a new constitution.

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