Greenstock Charges Foreign Terrorists

Greenstock Charges Foreign Terrorists in Monday’s Wave of Attacks

Special representative of the British government in Iraq, Jeremy Greenstock, told the BBC that the modus operandi of the suicide carbombings of the Red Cross HQ in Baghdad and several police stations was the mark of foreign terrorists coming in via Syria, Iran and Afghanistan. (via al-Zaman)

Actually, this is just speculation on his part. Lots of secular organizations have used the technique of suicide bombings or suicide attacks. The Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka pioneered the technique, and they are Marxist materialists who don’t believe in the human soul. The Baath Party is perfectly capable of generating such attacks. While press reports did say a fifth driver on Monday, who was apprehended, had a Syrian passport, we don’t know what that means. And, many Syrians are Baathists.

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