Khamenei Warns Of Secret Plans To

Khamenei Warns of Secret Plans to Dismember Iraq

In an interview with al-Zaman, Iran’s Supreme Jurisprudent, Ali Khamenei, said that he was extremely worried by the complex and confusing issue of Iraq, and that he prayed daily for the unity of the Iraqi people. He expressed concerns that there were forces that wanted to see Iraq split up, and said that Iraqis should fight them. He urged that they craft a constitution that expressed their national identity and ethnic plurality, but also addressed the issue of modernity.

It is not clear who he thinks wants Iraq to split up, but he probably has the US in mind. Some neoconservatives have long argued for breaking up the country, which would permanently weaken it. The break-up seems unlikely to happen, since none of the neighbors, including Turkey, would stand for it.

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