New Un Controlled Fund For Iraq Bush

New UN-controlled Fund for Iraq

The Bush administration reluctantly allowed the establishment of a development fund for Iraq that would not be under US control, but rather under that of the UN. Without such an independent account, most potential donor nations were balking at contributing to reconstruction. (I take it the subtext is that they feared they might as well have written the checks to Halliburton directly).

The NYT (here via the Telegraph) drew back the curtain on the reason for this Bush about-face.

“A key factor in the change of heart may have been the lobbying by Paul Bremer, the US administrator for post-war Iraq, for a swift release of much-needed funds. “We had to act because the international community was stonewalling us on aid,” an administration official told the New York Times. The official added that Mr Bremer said: “I need the money so bad we have to move off our principled opposition to the international community being in charge.”

In other words, these arrogant hawks are very, very desperate, so desperate that they will even let the UN have a seat at the table of Iraq reconstruction. Why does Bremer think that excluding everyone but the US from Iraq rebuilding is “principled”?

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