One Us Soldier Dead 7 Wounded Iraqi

One US Soldier Dead, 7 wounded; Iraqi policeman dies in Kirkuk, another wounded

Guerrillas near Tikrit set off an exposive device at 2:10 pm Sunday between two US humvees. The explosion lightly wounded three soldiers.

Guerrillas set a land mine near Baiji north of Baghdad, which was struck by a US Bradley fighting vehicle on Sunday, killing one US soldier and wounding another. The Bradley was destroyed.

Three US soldiers were wounded in the car bombing at the Baghdad hotel, according to television news reports on Sunday..

Also on Sunday, a bomber in Kirkuk attempting a grenade attack on a police checkpoint blew himself up, wounding a policeman and a by-stander. Another policemen died on Sunday from wounds incurred last Wednesday when guerrillas fired a rocket-propelled grenade at a checkpoint in Kirkuk. Another policemen had already died in that attack.

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