One Us Soldier Killed 7 Wounded Deputy

One US Soldier Killed, 7 wounded; Deputy Mayor of Baghdad Assassinated

Tuesday: Guerrillas fired from a rooftop into the main US military base in Tikrit, wounding at least one US soldier from the Fourth Infantry Division. Guerrillas detonated a car bomb near a police station and a school in Fallujah on Tuesday, killing four Iraqis. Late Tuesday, eight enormous explosions were heard in the southern area of Fallujah. Guerrillas subjected a US military convoy near Mosul to small arms fire but there were not US casualties. Guerrillas launched three mortar shells at the Jadriya district, across the Tigris from the CPA palace HQ. No word yet on casualties.

Monday: Guerrillas launched a rocket-propelled grenade attack in Baghdad on a US convoy that had stopped to disarm roadside bombs, killing one US solider and wounding six others.

Sunday: It was revealed that Baghdad Deputy Mayor Faris Abdul Razzaq al-Assam was assassinated in Baghdad. Al-Zaman says six gunmen opened fire on him as he sat in a coffee house, after having returned from the international donor’s conference in Madrid.

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