Petroleum Figures For Iraq Here Is What

Petroleum figures for Iraq

Here is what informed readers said about the issue of the figures released by the Coalition Provisional Authority on petroleum production and income:

Ed Morse:

“Experienced oil men don’t necessarily share their heads over the numbers.

The numbers are transparent and accurate. The problem is that what can be

produced cannot be exported, so it is reinjected. Walid Khadduri has been

publishing accurate numbers all along and they come both from the Ministry

and from the Corps of Engineers. The production capacity at present is

clearly 1.3 in the south and 0.7 in the North. No Northern Pipelines; no

strategic pipeline; so 1.3 is used, 0.3 domestically and 1 mmb/d exported.

The next step will be getting 200,000 b/d of Kirkuk crude out through the

southern system, isolated from the Basra crude, at Khor al-Amaya.

The additional problem has been that the Corps of Engineers keeps announcing

pipeline repairs through the Northern lines; every announcement of a

re-opening has been followed within three days by an new bombing incident.

Last Friday’s got both Northern lines.”


“This is from the Oil and Gas journal. They seem to have noticed the drop

in Iraq’s oil production numbers.