Unfortunate Says Rumsfeld Kay Mission

“Unfortunate,” Says Rumsfeld; Kay Mission Fails

David Kay reports a failure to find any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and asks for $600 mn. to allow him to go back with a team and look more. The old American saying, no use throwing good money after bad, applies here. Kay says he has evidence of the “intention” of the Iraqi regime to pursue WMD in future. But in military strategy, you don’t worry about your enemy’s intentions, you worry about his capabilities. Saddam had no capability to harm the US or the UK in March of 2003.

US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld says it would be “unfortunate” if the US had gone to war with Iraq on insufficient solid evidence of WMD. Wouldn’t it be appropriate for Rumsfeld to resign, now? Did he not put his personal prestige on the line in making the claims he made about Iraq? Even George Will is saying that the Bush team should just be frank and come out with the fact that there is no WMD in Iraq.

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