1 Us Soldier Dead In Tikrit One Wounded

1 US Soldier Dead in Tikrit, One Wounded; Baghdad Shaken by blasts

Guerrillas detonated an improvised explosive device near Tikrit on Monday, killing one soldier with the 4th Infantry Division and wounding another.

Two Iraqis were killed and six wounded in Kirkuk when mortars fell on a civilian neighborhood.

In Balad in the north, US troops killed 6 innocent Iraqis when they opened fire on a vehicle they thought belonged to guerrillas.

In Baquba, one Iraqi was killed and six were wounded when a roadside bomb went off.

Meanwhile, late reports said that Baghdad residents heard five loud explosions one after the other from 9:10 pm Monday, appearing to originate on the western side of the Tigris River. The US military then reported three or four mortar impacts in central Baghdad. No word on casualties as I write early Tuesday morning EST.

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