2 Us Troops Wounded In Mosul Italian

2 US troops wounded in Mosul; Italian Embassy in Baghdad Hit by Rockets

Guerrillas fired a rocket or mortar round into the second floor of the Italian embassy in Baghdad on Wednesday. The attack caused structural damage, but no casualties were reported. Two weeks ago, guerrillas killed 19 Italians in suicide bombings at their police HQ in Nasiriya in the South. The Italian public is deeply opposed to Italian troops remaining in Iraq, and many opposition politicians have pressured PM Silvio Berlusconi to withdraw.

It also turned out that UK Foreign Minister Jack Straw had been secretly in Baghdad Monday night when rockets were fired and exploded near his hotel.

It was also revealed Wednesday that 2 US soldiers in Mosul were wounded when guerrillas threw grenades and fired on their Humvee. US return fire killed one of the assailants. The guerrillas had also managed to kill a boy and wound 4 other Iraqis in a car following the Humvee.

Guerrillas near the Tigris also fired on US troops, but failed to inflict any casualties.

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