Breaking News 15 Us Soldiers Killed 21

Breaking News: 15 US Soldiers Killed, 21 Injured in Helicopter Attack

Guerrillas used SAM-7 shoulder-fired missiles to down a CH-47 Chinook transport helicopter south of Fallujah. The troops, so many of whom were tragically killed or wounded, were being taken out of the deadly Sunni Arab triangle for much needed rest and recreation. There are reputedly thousands of SAM-7 missiles and shoulder-held missile launchers in Iraq. Only a few hundred have been turned in for a reward by Iraqis or captured by US forces. Guerrilla’s have routinely fired SAM-7 missiles at aircraft attempting to land at Baghdad International Airport, but have been foiled by the special technique of spiral landings, executed by smaller aircraft, which makes them very difficult targets. Some say there have been 28 such attacks in recent months! One reason the airport has not opened to civilian airliners is that the airliners cannot execute these tight spiral landings and so would be vulnerable to a missile strike.

Local inhabitants in Fallujah celebrated the downing, blessing the “freedom fighters” fighting “the American occupation.”

This was the second helicopter shot down in the past week.






For more on the SAM-7 strikes at Baghdad airport:



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