Medact Iraqi Health Situation

Medact: Iraqi Health Situation Deteriorating

Medact, a health professionals service organization, has issued a new report on the Iraq war and its aftermath. It alleges that between 21,700 and 55,000 people have died since the US/UK invasion, and that the casualties continue to mount. It estimates that at least 7,800 Iraqi civilians have been killed, and 20,000 wounded.

The report reveals a deterioration of health conditions among the Iraqi people since the war ended. Before the war, 1 in 8 Iraqi babies died before reaching the age of 5, and 25% of babies were born underweight. The war has made things worse, putting new stresses on people already suffering. Many of the 20,000 wounded do not have access to good health care or rehabilitation. Clean water is scarce, and poverty and malnutrition are widespread. There still is not good medical access, and conditions in many hospitals are very bad.

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