Mortar Round Lands Near Abdul Aziz Al

Mortar Round lands Near Abdul Aziz al-Hakim

Australia’s reports that a dud mortar round landed near the mosque hosting preacher Abdul Aziz al-Hakim, leader of the Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq and a member of the US-appointed Interim Governing Council.

The bomb struck a wall about 100 yards from the mosque, breaking the windshield of a car, around 5 pm on Friday. Al-Hakim was preaching at the Sayyid Idris mosque in the Karrada district of Baghdad at the time. An aide, Haitham Husaini, said “We cannot confirm that he was th target, God knows.” Al-Hakim’s older brother was killed by a car bomb on August 29, and another Shiite member of the IGC, Aqilah al-Hashimi, was assassinated in September. An assassination attempt was also made in early November on Songol Chapouk, the Turkmen woman member of the IGC, in Kirkuk.

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