Norwegian Troops In Iraq Fear For

Norwegian troops in Iraq fear for safety

Norwegian troops appear to be surprised to find that they are not actually in a peacekeeping role in Iraq, but rather are in a combat role. They nevertheless don’t get the combat pay their colleagues receive in Afghanistan.

The Norwegian press reports: “Military Officers’ Association have received several letters from Norwegian soldiers who feel threatened, even on the base. All military camps in the region where the Norwegians are stationed have been attacked. Only the Norwegian camp has been spared, according to Forsvarets Forum.. The Norwegian troops think they may well be targetted, as well.

My guess is that a lot of the little contingents supplied by the Coalition of the Willing may well be withdrawn in March (it will be represented as a normal cycling out after a tour). They did not know they were getting drawn in to a long-term shooting war, and they mostly wouldn’t have wanted to be.

If such withdrawals occur, it will stress the US troops in theater even more.

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