String Of Assassination Attempts In

String of Assassination Attempts in Kirkuk:

IGC member Shongol Chapouk escapes; Deputy Mayor Wounded

The deputy governor of Kirkuk, Ismail Rajab al-Hadidi, was wounded along with his driver in an assassination attempt on Sunday. That incident was only one of a number in the past few days. In some instances, reprisal killings have been launched against former Baath Party members. But members of other parties have also been targetted. Shongol Chapouk [Sunkul Habibullah] , the Turkmen representative on the Interim Governing Council, revealed that she had escaped assassination last week when her car was hit by bullets. US forces in Kirkuk have responded to the outbreak of assassination attempts by chasing the suspects through the streets, causing further uproar. (al-Zaman)

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