1 Us Soldier Killed 14 Wounded Three

1 US Soldier Killed, 14 wounded

Three guerrillas drove a car filled with explosives near the Champion US Army Base at Ramadi on Thursday and blew themselves up, killing one soldier, wounding 3 badly enough to be taken to a combat field hospital, and lightly wounding 11 others (they got hit by flying glass and debris and were sent back to active duty).

Guerrillas launched a grenade attack at a US military patrol in Baghdad, missing the soldiers but wounding two Time Magazine journalists, including war photographer James Nachtwey, who were accompanying the convoy.

Guerrillas near Baqubah wounded two members of the Iraqi civil defence force in separate attacks.

Mortar shells landed in the compound of the Green Zone or US HQ in Baghdad, causing explosions but only two light casualties. The HQ is well protected by walls, but a mortar with the right trajectory can get over the walls.

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