1 Us Soldier Killed 8 Iraqis Killed 25

1 US Soldier Killed; 8 Iraqis killed, 25 Wounded in Car Bombings at Iraqi Police Stations

Pro-Saddam Demonstrations in Falluja and Tikrit

A roadside bomb killed one US soldier in Baghdad on Monday.

Guerrillas killed 8 or 9 (the number seems to be under dispute) and injured 15 at a police station at Husainiya, 18 miles north of Baghdad, when they drove a Land Cruiser car bomb through barbed wire to approach the station before detonating it.

Guerrillas drove a Peugot car bomb at the Higher Crime Investigation Station at Amiriyah (near the Baghdad airport) and detonated it at 8:30 am, wounding 10.

There were mixed reports about what happened in the western Sunni suburb of al-Adhamiya. Some reports say there was a simple demonstration in favor of Saddam. Others allege that Sunni Arab nationalists attacked the Adhamiya police station in Baghdad with rocket propelled grenades and small arms fire. The US authorities had not as of this writing clarified exactly what happened there.

Maureen Fan of Knight-Ridder also reports that there were pro-Saddam demonstrations in Falluja and Tikrit. Demonstrators occupied the central administration building in Falluja. Az-Zaman reports that the rallies were dispersed by US troops.

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