2 Us Troops Killed 8 Wounded

2 US troops killed, 8 Wounded; Interpreter Killed, 8 Iraqi troops wounded

Michelle Faul of AP reports that guerrillas detonated a roadside bomb at the Karada shopping district in Baghdad, killing one US soldier; wounding 5 other US troops; killing two Iraqi children; and wounding an Iraqi interpreter and 8 members of the Iraqi civil defense corps. US Army Sgt. Patrick Compton said, “It was a bad one. It’s a real densely populated area of town.”

In Fallujah, guerrillas set off another roadside bomb, killing one US soldier and wounding three others as their convoy passed by.

212 US troops have been killed in action since May 1.

Another Bulgarian soldier died Sunday of wounds received in the bombings on Saturday that killed 4 of his compatriots. (al-Hayat).

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