Al Hakim Calls For Un Involvement In

Al-Hakim Calls for UN Involvement

In a news conference in Baghdad, Abdul Aziz al-Hakim, temporary president of the Interim Governing Council, said that when in Europe he had lobbied heads of state for more United Nations involvement in the transfer of sovereignty to an Iraqi government this summer. He said he pressed this request on France, the UK and Russia, all permanent members of the United Nations Security Council. He asked them “to move in order to ensure an important and fundamental role for the United Nations in Iraq.” He said all the members of the IGC agree on the desirability of this step.

Meanwhile, Syrian Foreign Minister Farouq Sharaa advised the Iraqis “not to draft a constitution under occupation,” because it would be “a time bomb.” He warned of “the dangers of the partition of Iraq,” saying that for the country to break up “would not be beneficial to the countries of the region, especially the neighbors.”

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