Guerrillas Fire Artillery Shells At

Guerrillas fire Artillery Shells at Spanish in Diwaniyah

The Spanish Plus Ultra squad has come under fire numerous times during the past week from guerrillas in the southern Shiite city of Diwaniyah, but took no casualties. Az-Zaman reported that the most recent attack was the day before yesterday. The Spanish contingent includes 1300 troops from Spain along with small contingents from the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Nicaragua and Salvador. They are responsible for security in Najaf and Diwaniyah, Shiite areas. A Spanish officer told az-Zaman that the guerrillas have changed tactics insofar as they are diversifying their targets.

The South remains dangerous, despite Bush administration allegations that most attacks occur only in the Sunni Arab north-central part of the country (a very large area in itself). In fact, 40% or nearly half of attacks occur outside the Sunni Arab regions.

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