Rpg Attack In Mosul Injures 1 Sabotage

RPG attack in Mosul injures 1; Sabotage of Petroleum Facilities

Michelle Faul reports that on Sunday, guerrillas in Mosul launched a rocket-propelled grenade at a US military convoy. The grenade, fired near a police recruitment center, hit a civilian vehicle and seriously wounded the Iraqi driver. The nearby US troops were unharmed.

Guerrillas using rpg’s also targeted petroleum storage tanks in southern Baghdad on Saturday, causing a conflagration that consumed 2.6 million gallons of gasoline. Saboteurs also exploded a pipeline 15 miles north of Baghdad. The capital is beset by fuel shortages, with people waiting in line 12 hours to buy gasoline/ petrol. Some Iraqis have taken to sleeping in their cars so as to make the buy.

Meanwhile, US troops continued their sweep in the Sunni heartland, arresting hundreds of Baathists from intelligence gained in the capture of papers in the possession of Saddam Hussein.

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