36 Us Troops Wounded In Mortar Attacks

36 US troops Wounded in Mortar Attacks

Guerrillas launched some six mortar rounds at Logistical Base Seitz west of Baghdad on Wednesday, wounding 36 US soldiers. (Reuters initially gave the toll as 35, but a late report in the Financial Times said 36).

The U.S. military said that in the latest attack on Wednesday night, an estimated six mortar rounds struck in or near Logistical Base Seitz and wounded troops were given first aid or evacuated for medical treatment. The wounded soldiers came from the 541st Maintenance Battalion of the 3rd Corps Support Command.

This toll seems to me a one-day record for an attack on US troops. No details were available at the time of writing as to how many were seriously wounded. At least a few had only light wounds and were able to return to duty.

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