4 Us Soldiers Wounded Guerrillas

4 US Soldiers wounded

Guerrillas detonated a roadside bomb as a US military convoy passed west of Baghdad, wounding three US soldiers on Monday. Other guerrillas ambushed a US soldier northwest of Baghdad, wounding him.

Outside the troubled city of Kirkuk, guerrillas blew up a roadside bomb, killing an Iraqi and wounding three others.


AP reported that overnight, guerrillas launched two mortar shells at the Coalition headquarters in the southern, Shiite city of Nasiriyah. They caused no damage or injuries, according to a military spokesman.

In Mosul, assailants shot Muhammad al-Jawadi, a lawyer, and his son. The US had appointed him prosecutor in a new court aimed at fighting corruption. Al-Jawadi was in critical condition, but his son was stable. Mosul has seen a number of such assassinations in recent months, often targetting judicial officials investigating the old Baath party and its crimes. (Mosul is a majority-Arab city despite being in the north).

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