Another Helicopter Shot Down Bomb In

Another Helicopter Shot Down; Bomb in Baqubah; 4 Killed at Fallujah Protests

In the eastern city of Baqubah, guerrillas detonated a car bomb outside a police station, killing several people.

The US lost yet another helicopter to hostile fire near Habbaniyah in the Sunni heartland, but this time the crew was safe. In Fallujah, hundreds of demonstrators came out against US troops when they briefly arrested a yound newlywed bride. (I hope that the US army got an enormous amount of information from her relatives, because otherwise this move was a bad, bad tradeoff). The US troops fired into the hostile crowd, killing 4.

It seems clear to me that the manhunt for high Baath officials in the Sunni heartland is being done wrong, or at least in ways that are bad for US standing with local Iraqis.

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