Bomb At Baghdad Hotel Kills 3 In Other

Bomb at Baghdad Hotel kills 3; In other attacks, 6 US Troops Killed, 2 CNN Employees, 4 Iraqi Policemen; 6 US troops Wounded

There was so much violence of so many types in so many places in Iraq on Tuesday that it took me some time just to track it all down and summarize it. Kudos to CNN for among the clearest summaries. It made me depressed that 6 of our guys bought the farm.

CNN reports that guerrillas detonated a truck bomb in front of the Shahin Hotel in the ritzy Karada district of Baghdad just before midnight Tuesday. Much of the hotel was occupied by Iraq’s interim minister for labor, Sami Azara al-Majun, and his staff. He and other officials were safe, but between one and 3 bystanders were killed.

Tuesday had earlier witnessed 5 attacks that killed 6 US soldiers and 2 CNN employees, along with 4 Iraqi policemen and a civilian.

Guerillas detonated a roadside bomb near Iskandariyah at 8 pm Iraqi time, killing 3 soldiers from the Combined Joint Task Force 7. Another three were wounded.

At 1 pm in Khaldiyah, guerrillas set off a roadside bomb and killed another three US soldiers along with an Iraqi civilian. The explosion wounded 3 US troops and 4 Iraqis.

A CNN crew was ambushed near Baghdad on Tuesday, with the driver of their vehicle and their translator being killed. A cameraman in another vehicle was slightly wounded.

Guerrillas in the holy Shiite city of Karbala drove up to the Polish military HQ and opened fire, killing one Iraqi policeman and wounding two others.

Guerrillas in Ramadi, in the Sunni heartland, killed 3 Iraqi policemen Tuesday outside their police station.

US troops operating in the Sunni Arab region arrested several suspected members of the Jaysh Muhammad, a guerrilla cell operating there (sounds like Sunni fundamentalists).

Members claiming to be from a Muslim party occupied a Red Crescent office in a ritzy Baghdad neighborhood Tuesday, injuring one of the Red Crescent staffers. Iraqi police came to the scene.

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