Breaking News Kerry Leads Dean Close

Breaking News: Kerry Leads, Dean close second, Edwards and Clark tied for Third

I’m watching CNN. With just 13% of precincts reporting, Kerry has the lead over Dean in New Hampshire. The exit polls seem to show that the race is much closer than Kerry supporters had hoped. Edwards and Clark both have 13% of the vote each.

If Kerry and Dean come in very close, it does look as though this is a 4-man race for the next month at least. Clark had earlier done much better in the polls, and one wonders if he can survive a fourth-place finish if Edwards overtakes him.

As Carville noted, this is fun. Maybe on May 31 Iraqis will be seeing whether the Dawa candidate or the Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq is doing better in the voting for parliament . . . But at the moment something much more boring and less democratic is being planned for them in Washington.

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